Thursday, October 11, 2012

#29 Hangin @ Studio L in old town

5 Faces are on display @ Studio L 306 San Felipe Street NW in old town.  They are waiting to be taken home by someone, hopefully from the international community who is attending the Balloon Fiesta.  "Curly" top left, "Bailey" top right, "Bear" bottom left, "Chloe" bottom middle, and "Blue Boy" bottom right.  How cool would that be for the faces to travel.

#28 "Oscar" Crackle Cheeks

Oscar Crackle Cheeks is sitting on the window sill outside of Zynergy on Silver.  Oscar really wants to be hung in a window to get the full effect of the sun blazing through his crackled cheeks.   On the window sill was a tiny computer chip and Oscar was happy to take its place and the chip jumped in my back pocket for a ride home to my studio to be worked into some obscure piece of art.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

# 27 "Curly" Happy face

Yahoo! We are back.  Beautiful brisk fall morning, sitting @ Limonata on Silver having a hot Mocha enjoying conversation with a friend and watching the hot air balloons drift by.  The long hot summer is over, the kiln has started up again and tiles are getting made and consequently faces are appearing from the scraps.  The faces and I are happy to be back.