Thursday, May 31, 2012

#16 "Gerald"

2 in one day, Gerald was out of his comfort zone.  Got on the bike to go for groceries, and the bike needed air.  It turns out the Bike Coop has moved.  We went off on a little adventure to Central and Yale.  Gerald felt like it might be to dangerous to sit with plasma donors (glass and all) which is right next to the new location of the bike shop.  So we went for bagels to consider where we should be, while locking up the bike Gerald sat on the table @ Einsteins bagels and just stayed.

#15 "Bailly"

Bailly, all shiny and bright in the sun on the turtle bench @ the Ernie Pyle library.  Just getting ready for the childrens' hour.  Bailly is spiffed up looking to be taken home today.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

#14 "Smirker"

Smirker thought she'd play tennis, well maybe watch @ the Wellesley Court's.  Heat of the afternoon 90 degrees with a mild breeze and no one is around, really quite comfortable in the shade. Smirker is in a more public place and hoping someone will take her home.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sally's bad hair day

Seriously bad wind over the last week and really messed with Sally's hair, although she is still there, she has fallen to the ground and broken.  Glass goes that way sometimes

Monday, May 28, 2012

#13 "Side Talker"

Park benches seem to be a theme. Tiny Side Talker was just communing with nature @ the Hermosa Green Park on this Memorial Day. The sun is shining the air has cleared, and it's quiet in the park.  Sad day on lots of levels.

Tiny side Talker got left in the sun since Monday with no takers.  She's decided to move to the picnic table in the same park, @ least she's in the shade if she doesn't get taken home.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

#12 "Wilma Walrus"

Wilma the Walrus, choking @ the bus stop because the air quality is still for the 2nd day in a row not breathable. Wilma is hoping to catch a ride from a passenger on the bus, walking right now is just not a viable option.

Friday, May 25, 2012

#11 Screwed up "Smoky" face

Took a break for the last 2 days, would like to think it was because of the smoke. The fires in the Gila and western Arizona have wreaked havoc on the air quality in Albuquerque. In fact the fires are not the real reason I took a break.  Smoky face was feeling a little confused as to where this project is going.  No responses and all, but today I put smoky face out and went for coffee on the bike and within 15 minutes Smoky was gone, so in fact before the intranet and without documentation the karmic affect of making someone happy is still random and fun.  So i am back to it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#10 Cracked clear face

Cracked clear face is resting @ Beyer park hanging out with Casper who is patiently getting his picture taken. When a pair of sun glasses that got left behind on the bench wandered over to see how they would look all bright and blue on clear face.

Monday, May 21, 2012

#9 "BUBBA"

#9 Bubba face with slightly scorched eyes from that spectacular eclipse, hanging out illegally with Scooby on the US mail box, waiting to be picked up.  Now the mailman comes daily @ 1 pm, just wondering if Bubba has sense enough to go home with someone or will wait for the US Mail.  Something nostalgic about snail mail.  The excitement of anticipating the post and what will come, reminds me slightly of this project.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

#8 "Blockhead" Anticipating Annular eclipse of the Sun

#8 Blockhead, came out early afternoon when the park was empty just waiting for Bandalier park to fill with masses of people, anticipating the (total) annular eclipse of the Sun.  Enjoy!  Of course with proper eye attire Blockhead.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

#7 Prit-ty Prit-ty shy face

Prit-ty shy face sitting on the bench @ Burton Park early in the AM, thinking how lucky we are to live in a urban area and have so many public spaces.  Just when I think I've gone to all the park spaces, I realize there are more all within walking distance of my house.

All of the faces have been taken home very quickly within the day, except Sally and she is still resting with the imagine mural between the bars.  For what ever reason, well perhaps it's because she is  hanging on a private property door.  Probably good to know you can leave something on the door in the neighborhood and it'll still be there.  Imagine Sally having a  permanent home right where she is.  This thought also makes me happy.

Friday, May 18, 2012

#6 "SALLY" with great hair

Sally is imagining having a good hair day.  What a great building.  I walk by every day on the way for coffee and have admired the beauty of this mural. Look how nicely she fits between the bars. Sally feels honored to hang out here, if only for just a little while.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


OO5 spending time in Morningside park with some childs' imprinted hands and feet. Children's markings on their hands and feet are permanent even as they grow, but OO5 was gone within the hour. Hanging out in the park with children is such an innocent thing to do, and yet glass is fragile and very dangerous. Wondering if this is indicative of parks and children and their need for supervision?  I've begun to run out of parks in the neighborhood anyway. Summer is coming and I've been thinking about somewhere safer and higher up, more clandestine and out of reach of the kids.  What about trees?  More dangerous for the glass and falling but maybe a better fit for the kids if the glass is secure.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

#4 "Alien"

Early afternoon on a warm spring day, before school got out, an Alien invaded Hyder park.  She sat there on the park bench all incognito with her green glass blending in with the green stripes of the metal.  Quiet peaceful, thinking it would be ok with her if she stayed and spent the night. Activity started, I left and who knows what happened.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

#3 "Teddy" Face

Ok, here we go "Teddy face", she is in the park off ridgecrest, sitting on the broken world sculpture. What could be better than havingTeddy hang out helping to put the world back together.  Once again SWEET, walking away with a smile!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

FINALLY "Trepidatious" went out

Whew, Trepidatious took a very long time to get out and about in the world.  Technology and procrastination has it's draw backs.  Yesterday  Friday 05/11/2012, (well over a month since I started this project). Trepidatious went out, he landed on a niche in someones fence.  As River (the dog) and I moved on, we had a moment of smiling and happiness all the way down the street.  Geez we have not had rain for months and as I was working happily in the garage in the afternoon, it started to rain and then hail.  What a gusher and wouldn't you know it on the day Trepidatious went out.  I bet the card about being recycled, and getting taken home got completely soaked.  This was truly my first anonymous guerilla art.  It was exhilarating and that feeling lasted all day.  When Riv and I took our evening walk Trepidatious was gone, Yet another moment of fun.  Ah! in my hurriedness I forgot to take a picture.


Yesterday was soo much fun that Riv and I had to go for coffee this morning, and we left #2 Quirky face in a community garden sitting on the edge of what looks to be green chile plants just beginning to grow into what hopefully will be some serious HOT green chile.  The most fun about this project so far is imagining who will take the faces home and what will happen to them.