Thursday, March 28, 2013

#42 "TED"

I've been listening to a few TED talks lately, fascinating the info you can get in 20 minutes.  This TED is shyly resting on the park bench off ridgecrest with Kaspar just watching the cars go by.  TED is a fairly standard type guy, but would really like to have someone to talk with him.

#41 Gaggle of talkers

Many faces have been commiserating on the tomato cage and now they are all ready for the neighborhood and looking to find homes.  Get ready neighbors we are coming.  I am happy to say this little blog project is a lesson in being incognito.  Come to find out no one reads or looks @ silly blogs from unknown people who have nothing to say.   There is plenty of room and time to blab, blah, and blunder on.  Really a very comforting thought.