Saturday, April 7, 2018

Paper Tangents

Look its all been done before, 
    but not by us,,,,,, or in this way’’’’’’’’
3 women with paper and pencil. 
  We worked together weekly, for over a year.
We started small moved forward with material,
bigger paper, different paper, see through paper,
We added color, and then encaustic, sumi ink, india ink, pens, oil pastels, chalk pastels, charcoal, 
and then,
there was no limit, whatever material we wanted, we used.
 This is not unlike what others do to make art, but it brought new concepts to us.

Every week we took half the time to critique, a learning process for all of us, ( we found it really important to think about what we did and why we did it)
If you could defend it then it was finished.
No Judgement, no excuses, no----------
Lots of discussion, about composition, value, form, line, color, layering on, taking off, leaving space - taking space.,.,.,.

We used each others comments, we copied each other, we tried new concepts, and interestingly we each came out being ourselves, 
Our individual work is individually unique.  In the learning we each grew and then found and maintained who we are.!.!

Paper Tangents
Art Gallery 606
606 Broadway SE
Albuquerque, NM 87102
May 4, 2018 5-9
Oscar Butler Music
Jeanette's Retirement party.

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